PHP and server : what is exactly the link

Some .. then zeros ... an infinite series of these two figures govern our lives. When you press your switch until you code at the end of your screen, it's just a sequel. And comes the web, the tool that is supposed to bring you closer to the outside world.


PHP is the server-side scripting language that has been specifically designed for the web. The PHP performed by a php company code is included in an HTML page and will be executed each time a visitor displays the page. PHP has been rewritten four times before reaching the language we know today. PHP is an open source project. This means that you can get the source code, modify it, use it and redistribute it for free. Originally, PHP meant Personal Home Page. Currently, the name has been changed to Hypertext PreProcessor. The last major version of PHP is its fifth version. It benefits from a complete rewrite of the Zend engine. She also knows some important improvements in language. The PHP homepage is accessible on his website. As for the founders of PHP, it is the company Zend Technologies.

An inseparable link

When you search for something on your browser, it sends the address where you are directed to the server. The latter searches in its tree if the file exists and if it carries a recognized extension of type PHP. PHP will then analyze and run the file. The web server will then return a file no longer containing PHP. This file will be HTML that your browser will display. You will find that PHP runs on the server side. There is no more source code for this language when you inspect the web page. Unlike other query methods, PHP sends a code that is easy to interpret for the browser. PHP is therefore fast compared to its competitors.

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